Coffeehouses have a long tradition of being gathering places. They’ve been the home to many a revolutionary, with caffeinated spiritsrallying themselves and their compatriots to a cause. In fact, throughout history coffeehouses have been banned by oppressive regimes for their fostering of free thought and discussion.

We hope to inspire friendships, conversations, and even, perhaps, some learning; a place where the customers, my neighbors, can talk freely, within walking distance of their homes.

We Roast Our Own

By roasting our own coffee we not only get to pass along lower prices, but we can control the quality of the product we serve. We offer a wide range of both coffee and tea, as well as whole-bean sales

Community Focus

In addition to a warm and inviting atmosphere we offer a number of other amenities such as a family-friendly kids play area and a baby changing station in the restroom, free wireless internet access, a game table, your favorite magazines available for reading, and of course our full line of coffee, teas, specialty teas, elixirs, other drinks, and pastries.